Solutions for your wedding day...

  • Before you choose the perfect time and date for the beach wedding you've dreamed of, be sure to check the tide chart. Being swept away in the moment can take on an altogether different  meaning.

  • A beautiful sunny day is everyone's wish on their wedding day. However, should Mother Nature decide not to cooperate, you MUST be prepared by having a "Plan B". Also, just knowing you have a "Plan B" takes an enormous amount of stress off of you in the days leading up to your wedding.

  • The best of vendors and venues are simply, the best. You will not want to wait to book them. Doing so can lead to being left with the leftovers. If your heart is set, follow it.


  • Since no two weddings are alike, fees vary according to your needs and the location I will be traveling to. I'll be happy to give you a no obligation quote once we talk and I have a better understanding of how I can help you to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams. I am truly honored when I am asked to preside over one of the biggest commitments and celebrations of your life. I'm willing to go anywhere, for any couple, anytime.

  • Let's reserve your wedding date. First things first, contact me to see if your date and time are available. From there we can have a meeting or meetings in any form that best suits your needs. No obligation. If you decide at that time to have me perform your ceremony you simply pay a deposit to hold my services and then pay the remaining amount anytime prior to, "I do!" (If you're not able to meet due to distance or time, with phone calls, email and text, I can easily accommodate your needs.)

  • In North Carolina, the wedding couple must accompany each other to the County Clerks Office also called the Register of Deeds. When you apply for the license, proof of identification and verification of a valid social security number are required. You must pay $60.00 in cash for the application. The license is good upon issuance and valid for 60 days. Persons need not be residents of North Carolina to get married in North Carolina. You may purchase your wedding license in any North Carolina county and in turn, use it in any North Carolina county.

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